Masking Products

STOCKCAP has an extensive range of Silicone caps, Silicone tapered plugs and Silicone tubing for High Temperature powder coating masking needs along with EPDM caps and EPDM tapered plugs for superior chemical resistance where thread protection is required. STOCKCAP also has an extensive range of Polyester Tape and Polyester Discs for powder coating applications.

STOCKCAP Masking products are ideal for:

  • Silicone Caps and Silicone tube for thread protection when powder coating bolts, rods, studs or ends of tube
  • Silicone tapered plugs for thread protection for holes when powder coating
  • Polyester Disc's for masking holes during the powder coating process
  • Polyester masking tape is ideal for covering flat surfaces during powder coating process

Silicone Caps and Silicone Tapered Plugs will withstand multiple passes through most powder coating processes and are reusable, which increases their value over single use materials.

Silicone tapered Plugs and EPDM tapered plugs, because of their taper, allow one size to fit multiple ports. The soft rubber material conforms to provide a tight seal.

Silicone tubing is ideal for covering long bolts, tubes or pins where conventional silicone caps are too short. Tubing can be cut to your desired length with no tooling charges.

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