Tubing Inserts

STOCKCAP has an extensive range of Tube Inserts to provide a finished look for your tube ends. All STOCKCAP Tube Inserts feature a collapsible rib design allowing one insert size to suit multiple wall thicknesses while always ensuring a tight fit.

Accommodate special tubing shapes

  • Durable plastic protects against general wear and tear
  • Comes in standard Black colour, however, other colours are available upon request

Low Density Polyethylene tube inserts
Manufactured from LDPE and available from stock in black, STOCKCAP Tube Inserts are ideal for use in applications including: 

  • RHS, SHS, CHS, Tubes and Pipes
  • Cattle Rail end caps - Oval
  • Fencing and Balustrades 
  • Car and Trailer Accessories
  • Indoor and Outdoor Furniture
  • Exercise Equipment 

The STOCKCAP stock range includes Round tubing inserts(13mm - 100mm), Square tubing inserts(13mm - 150mm) and Rectangular tubing inserts(30x15mm - 150x50mm) in-stock for immediate delivery. We also stock Oval Tube Inserts to suit Cattle Rail 115mm x 42mm.

No minimum order value $$

To Calculate the correct size needed:

  • Measure the Outside dimensions of the tube that the Tube Insert will be going into in millimetres = (A mm).
  • Measure the Wall Thickness of the tube.
  • Then select from our range of Tube Inserts using the (A mm) dimension and the wall thickness range provided in the description.

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