Packaging Products

STOCKCAP is a Supplier of Clear Plastic Tubing, Clear Mailing Tubes, Tubing Caps, Bespoke Pulp Packaging and Netting.

Clear plastic tubes are ideal for packaging a wide variety of items including:

  • clothing/apparel
  • toys
  • cutting tool packaging
  • clear plastic poster tubes
  • welding rod tube
  • soil sampling
  • cosmetics
  • bath salts
  • artist paint brushes
  • clear plastic craft tubes for beads or buttons
  • candy tube packaging
  • candy cane plastic packaging
  • plastic evidence tubes
  • point of sale
  • poster packs
  • fishing lure containers  - and virtually anything else you can imagine.

All STOCKCAP clear tubes are manufactured from a rugged PETG material that maintains its shape while being flexible enough not to split or crack under typical use.  The plastic tubing provides an excellent barrier to moisture and dust. These features, along with our industry leading cap and plug options, offer a unique and economical package.

The STOCKCAP range includes Clear Tube in 1220mm (4ft) lengths, Clear Mailing Tubes 304.80mm and 609.60mm (12" and 24") lengths, vinyl and clear caps to suit in stock for immediate delivery. No minimum order value $$

STOCKCAP Standard Net-Guard 1 is an economical way to reduce the occurrence of damaged parts during shipping, handling and storage. Netting stretches on quickly and easily, while the elastic material hugs against parts securing them from breakage, scratches, abrasions and nicks. Web thickness, weight, strand spacing, diameter, elasticity, color and length are among your selection options.

STOCKCAP Bespoke Pulp Packaging is biodegradable, sustainable and eco-friendly. Pulp Packaging is durable, aesthetically designed and offers safe storage of your goods.

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